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OEM tea

Sixtea China (Enshi) Chenguang Agricultural Ecological Development Co., Ltd. is a professional committed to the processing of tea bags, herbal tea, health tea manufacturers. The company currently has the most complete teabag processing machines: Nanfeng Machine, Double Capsule Machine, Luoyang Machine, and Triangle Packaging Machine. The daily production capacity can reach one million bags.

   OEM Tea Processing:
      OEM processing: It can process all kinds of herbal tea and health care tea. Processing varieties up to tens of thousands.
      Processing process: 1) Sign the contract to determine the processing type, processing method, processing price 2) Customers arrange deposit 3) arrange production 4) Pay balance. 5)Arrange shipment
     Inner packing method: paper bag, plastic bag, aluminum foil bag, paper aluminum bag
     Outer packaging: carton, paper bag, tin,can, gift box
     Inner Bag Tea Bag: Single Tea Bag, Double Bag Tea Bag, Triangle Tea Bag
     High-quality service: can design inside and outside packaging, box text planning, sales training, details to inquire ~~ mobile phone: 15971744567; email: