Red Oolong Tea

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Canned Tea Leaves 50g,Enshi Origin Selenium Tea
Customized Tea

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While Green Tea is unfermented and Black Tea is 100% fermented, Oolong tea is considered semi-fermented, with a rate of 20% to 50%. Red oolong tea belongs to heavier fermentation oolong tea; the orange red liquor looks like black tea while still reserves the oolong tea taste, so named. Red oolong tea is one of the top grades among oolong tea. Oolong tea contains a much higher quantity of polyphenol, commonly known as tannin, than green tea. Scientists believe tannin may account for the lower risk of cancer in tea drinkers because of its ability to help DNA cells reproduce accurately. Reduced heart disease, aided digestion and lowered cholesterol accumulation are all health benefits which regular drinkers attribute to Oolong tea. Tea leaves are richer than most fruits and vegetables in antioxidant compounds. What all this means is simple: Oolong Tea is good for you

About World Selenium Capital-Enshi, High Hill Tea Garden

1.Located in the mysterious latitude of 30°N,the golden latitude of world’s tea leaves,EnshiPrefecture is one of China's      important tea producing areas.

2.Enshi has the only explored Se Deposit in the world,so enjoys a reputation of the world selenium capital,is a region of high-  concentration negative oxygen ion and livable climate and is the best place to natural selenium-enriched tea.

3.The average temperature is 17.4-7.8℃ and altitude is more than 1200meters higher than the sea level often with a misty    cloud around. The monsoon climate,four distinct seasons, abundant rainfall is suitable for the tea trees growth.


Benefits of Selenium

In 1973, the United Nations health organization for the first time announced (1996): selenium is an essential trace element for human and animal life activities. "Selenium was named after the Greek goddess of the moon, which was discovered by the Swedish chemist Bete Leah in 1817, and it was Se, and the chemical element periodic table was 34

Selenium is an essential nutrient in delaying aging, has significant therapeutic effect on various diseases.

Top 8 Ways Selenium Benefits You

1.Acts as an Antioxidant & Defends Against Oxidative Stress
2.Helps Defend Against Cancer
3.Boots Immunity
4.Improve Blood Flow& Lowers Chance of Heart Disease
5.Regulates Thyroid Functions
6.Increases Longevity
7.Helps Reduce Asthma Symptoms
8.Can Help Boost Fertility 

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